Formative x Seesaw App Smash: Differentiation & Student Growth Tracking

by David Kwan

Have you ever tried to simultaneously use Formative and Seesaw? It's an awesome combination for differentiating learning and helping students track their own growth.

As shown in the visual below, Formative Educator Pamela Rountree uses both for her 5th grade flipped activities! Students easily access a formative based on what they need to practice via a quick or QR code! On Formative, they then watch an instructional video at their own pace and create live responses that Pamela can use intervene. Lastly, they submit a response to their Seesaw portfolio and record an audio explanation of their work!

We hope to release our growth tracker for both teachers and students to use soon! In the meantime, this is an awesome app smash workaround!