Apply This Art Formative To Any Subject

Instructional Coach Veronica Enriquez has created some awesome formatives to share with teachers in the past and here she share one that you can draw inspiration from no matter what subject you teach! 

Based on their knowledge of the elements of art, she asks students to share which one is the most important and why. The multiple choice question she has included allows her to easily compare responses and quickly get a sense of any trends. The short answer one then allows her to understanding the reasoning behind student choices. We could see this multiple choice and short answer question combo being applied across subjects to quickly poll students and enrich class discussions:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.22.20 PM.png

She then asks students to use the elements of art to depict an emotion in a Show Your Work question. Imagine applying this idea to English or another world language! You could give students templates to depict different types of scenes and adjectives:


Click here to add a copy of Veronica's formative "Elements of Art" to your dashboard on ! If you've got your own creative ways you use the different Formative question types, share them here!