Jorge's Creative Image-based Formatives!

Jorge Branco is a 7th-12th grade history teacher in Portugal! When we met with him and two other Formative Educators, he shared how he used Formative to assess student understanding and analysis of famous Renaissance artwork! 

Here he asks students to identify whether the piece of artwork is from the Renaissance:

He asks students to identify the elements of architecture:

Let's students infer what different figures are saying and thinking based the overall piece of artwork and their historical knowledge:

And gives them the opportunity to re-imagine renaissance pieces as modern artwork:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.44.06 PM.png

Here's the share codes for Jorge's two formatives (TVSNLQ, TONPQL) so you can get your own copy of it in our new version. In case you don't have access to our new version, message us over the site and we'll get you setup! How can you apply Jorge's use of images to the creation of your own formatives?