Ashley Crenca's Learning Playlists: Supporting Different Paces of Learning


Ashley Crenca is a high school teacher in Rhode Island who uses a station rotation model in her classroom. In small groups, students rotate from teacher-led instruction to collaborative learning activities, and independent, digital ones as well. This three part combo gives students different ways to learn. In particular, a digital activity station can provide learners with a variety of learning resources to choose from to review and practice skills. Learning playlists are a list of instructions to help guide student learning during this time and add in the element of choice: students can choose which resources to engage in to proceed towards goal.

Here's an example of a learning playlist from Tracy Enos that includes Formative as outlet for student reflection (via Cult of Pedagogy):

When Ashley visited fellow Formative Educator Jason Appel's classroom across the state, she came away with a major takeaway for using learning playlists. She learned that Formative is a great platform since you can embed different resources for students to choose from while simultaneously gathering live responses:

On top of giving students easy access to all the components within a playlist, the live student data gives teachers like Ashley the feedback they need to plan teacher-led instruction and collaborative work!

Plus, you can ask students to report which resources they've engaged in:

And you can also ask them to share their own progress:

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.11.44 PM.png

By asking both types of questions, you can uncover additional information about independent learning time that allows you to better differentiate within the station rotation model! Here's the share code for Ashley's learning playlist (TLNEKQ) so you can get your own copy of it in our new version. In case you don't have access to our new version, message us over the site and we'll get you setup!