New Community Center & Certification Program


The Community Center

We are excited to announce that next week we will be introducing a brand new community center where all our educators can connect and collaborate to improve learning for students. Nine educators have pioneered it and it's been awesome to see the different Formative ideas and resources they've shared with one another. In addition, we think that it's awesome that teachers use a variety of other tools and methods to engage their students. So we've encouraged our pioneers to extend their collaboration beyond Formative and they have risen to the challenge. We can only imagine what will happen when we invite all our educators to join the community and we are about to find out!

Some of the awesome educators who've joined our community in the past few days!

Some of the awesome educators who've joined our community in the past few days!

The Certification Program

Along with our new community center, we are rolling out a brand new certification program and it's unlike any other that we've ever heard of. We believe that in order to use Formative and pretty much anything else to the best of your abilities, you must actively learn from other inspiring people. And so, being Formative certified means that you effectively collaborate with other educators to constantly improve your use of Formative as well as other tools and teaching methods. With that, becoming a Formative Certified Educator is not about passing a single test or submitting a portfolio of work, but earning achievement badges naturally over time through your pursuit of learning and collaboration in the community center. And, becoming Formative certified is not simply a form of recognition, but an active certification where you unlock opportunities to collaborate with other certified educators on a deeper level. These are other passionate educators who've truly demonstrated their desire and ability to collaborate within the community center. Becoming Formative certified is not a finish line but the beginning of a new experience.

What's Next?

We are going to be inviting all of our educators to join the community on November 7th and to celebrate, we are going to be hosting a live kick-off webinar where you will be able to learn about community center and certification program from our pioneers. And in the spirit of collaboration, we will be able to discuss any ideas and feedback you have as well.

The Formative Nine

Leading up to the kick-off event, we believe that there is no better way to get you excited for the community center than by highlighting all the awesome things that our pioneers (a.k.a The Formative Nine) are doing there and behind the scenes. Here they are!

Well, that's it for now! We are excited to start this new chapter in the Formative Community with you!