Global Feedback

by Angela Gonzales

Teachers, have you heard of #gmttc ? This hashtag stands for the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge, started by two amazing teachers, Heidi and Beverly, to connect teachers globally around a common purpose of math tasks. Essentially, you connect with another teacher across the nation, or even the globe to challenge your classrooms to a math task. Students work to solve the math tasks and share their findings with one another. There are a variety of ways in which you could implement this in your classroom, all of which provide opportunities for collaboration. You can find more info about the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge on their blog. 

When May V shared this image today tagging us and Global Math Task, our wheels started turning. The image depicts various student responses from a math task. But, what if these student responses were not from your own students but from the students of a teacher in another state or country. Teachers could connect globally, challenge their classrooms to math tasks from classroom to classroom, and share live results virtually to one another. Students can see responses live and give each other immediate feedback virtually on Formative in real time. Virtual feedback, given across the globe in real time. Even pair students up to provide each other with feedback and allow students to "formatively" assess one another's understanding. Can you imagine the depth of conversations that could take place? How incredible would that be!? The possibilities are endless.