Megan' Story (MS English Language Arts)

Learn how 7th Grade ELA teacher Megan Roberto uses Formative to create a collaborative culture of learning and share student progress with her teammates in a meaningful way:

"As an English Language Arts Teacher, feedback is one of the most powerful tools we can use to move student achievement in the classroom. For reading skills I can make quick checks for understanding, Marzano inspired vocabulary tasks, and exit tickets that quickly identify who I need to pull into small groups.

As a data analysis tool, Formative also allows me to identify class as well as grade level trends that can be shared to my department chair and dean of academics. The visual display is also essential in sharing results with the learning specialists so they may quickly adapt their instruction to the meet the needs of our students.

For writing, my students can benefit in viewing instant exemplars as we type together after our mini lesson. Students can also receive private personal feedback to go back and edit portions of a piece of work. This type of feedback has helped to cultivate a community of writers that expects and welcomes feedback from me as well as peers."