Danielle's Story (MS Spanish and Social Studies)

Learn why Danielle thinks Formative is essential for assessment for learning:

"Formative is one of the tools I use most in my Spanish and Social Studies classes.

The pictures below are screenshots from my classroom website. I love to embed Formative into my website for my students. The formative below is a warm up/review about an irregular verb and emotions in Spanish. Using the live view option, I was able to see if the class understood the concept that we had previously learned or if I needed to do some reteaching. I also love that students are able to coach each other if there are any misconceptions. Formative is awesome!

Prior to using Formative, I would give my students a warmup but I didn't have an efficient way of collecting feedback from it in order to drive my instruction.

Formative is a phenomenal tool. I love embedding it into my website because my students have an established routine of coming to class and going there. I love inserting videos into Formative and adding follow up questions for Spanish and Social Studies. For Spanish, I love “Show your work” for lessons that are focused on grammar. Having live results from “Show your work” is incredible because I can can give feedback right away. Again, I love that students can also help each other if they see something before I do in the live results. 

Formative is incredible. It is easy to use and in my opinion, essential for assessment for learning. Formative allows students to watch videos and show their work. Teachers get feedback instantly which is key!"

-Danielle Moore, @DMooreSpanish