Lauren's Story (MS Math)

Lauren teaches 7th grade Math and uses Formative to enhance student collaboration:

"Formative helped my students to work in groups and also build discussion between groups!  My 7th grade math class has been learning about equation solving.  Using Formative, I was able to allow students to work together on a computer to find different ways to solve for an unknown value.  We uploaded visual models of multi-step equations and sent it out to students.  Using the drawing tools, students were able to show multiple different steps.  They also liked having the ability to add text to explain their thinking.  

Once students were working, I projected the live view of each group's work for the class to see. This started a discussion between groups on what their work showed and how they could build understanding of the equation solving process.

I was also able to see which students were not making the connection between the visual and the equation.  Since I had their results displayed, kids could continue their discussions while I worked with a specific group that was struggling."