Angela's Story (Elem Math)

5th Grade teacher and founder of ‪#‎chancetodance‬ Angela Gonzales uses Formative to group and give feedback to her students after they engage in differentiated math lessons on BlendSpace:

"First they watch a video reviewing the notes that they took the previous night, filmed and created by me, then they submit their exit slip on Formative. In this way we're able to give instant feedback and create differentiated and flexible groups daily so that we are seeing the kids who need it most.

It's been incredibly successful, has increased engagement, but most importantly their understanding and accountability. If and when students finish early they are to create a screen cast of the problems that they completed, explaining their work and understanding, promoting their problem based learning.

The use of Formative is what's key to the success of this program. With the virtual and instant exit slips we can give feedback immediately and let the students know what math groups they will be in, based on their results."

Check out her inspiring reflection about thinking outside of the textbook to engage students:…/a-passion-for-learnin…/