Vera and Kathryn's Story (HS French)

With respect to the SAMR model, tech facilitator Vera Cubero shares tools that actually help teachers enhance learning:

"I am an Instructional Technology Facilitator at two of the high schools in my district, which has 1:1 Chromebooks in grades 6-12.  As part of my position, I deliver staff development to teachers on how to best utilize our technology to reach our student populations.  One of my main objectives is working our way up the SAMR model so that the technology allows us to redefine education, rather than just substitute or augment our lessons.  I have featured several online formative assessment tools that are very quick and easy ways to engage students and get instant feedback to target weaknesses and inform instruction.  Formative is definitely one of the most powerful tools that I have encountered, so I featured it at a staff meeting and offered follow-up sessions to go into more detail on how to use it in the classroom.  Kathryn then put it to use in her French class." 

Based on Vera's training, Kathryn tried Formative:

"After the technology and formative assessment training by Vera and fellow teachers, I wanted to give Formative a try because of the variation of questions, student-driven pace of the questions and live results.  Several of my students have used it in other classes and seemed to like it so I wanted to try it in my class as well. "

1.  Learning Objective - I wanted students to demonstrate understanding of school supplies, classroom objects and colors. 
2.  How - After the lesson and teacher questioning / practice, I used the this as a formative assessment. 
3. Act on student data - The questions started out easy and became progressively more difficult. The way the quiz was set up, I could do a quick visual check for student  understanding and I knew which questions to discuss whole class and which ones to go over with individual students."