Amber's Story (Elem Reading)

Amber shares how Formative heightened both student engagement and the complexity of their thinking:

"My 4th grade reading classroom is studying nonfiction text structures. We've recently gone 1:1 with every student getting a mini iPad. (#iChampion) After talking and reading examples about each of the 5 structures, I used GoFormative to check the kids understanding. They LOVED it. I used the draw it feature. The kids had to draw the diagram that went with that particular text feature. I could see quickly who knew and who needed a reteach. The kids even took it further and put in examples, added color, and anything else to be the student or students I spotlighted as a great example. It is a wonderful tool to see quick results. Thanks GoFormative."

Students draw diagrams representing structures of non-fiction and going the extra mile by illustrating with examples:

Students sharing their diagrams for non-fiction structures: