Stephanie's Story (MS Science)

In Stephanie's paperless 7th grade Science class, students are currently learning about reproduction and genetics. She told us that they are:

"two very different topics that have one main concept in common: meiosis. In order for students to understand this complicated concept they must first understand the process of mitosis and relate that to how organisms grow."

So to teach these difficult concepts, Stephanie has been projecting her Live Results page on Formative. This way she can quickly identify the gaps in understanding her students demonstrate as they work at their own pace and intervene before it's too late. She says:

"Since all of my students are working at their own pace, it's important for me to be able to gauge where they are in their learning at any given time. GoFormative allows me to do that. I always have my GoFormative live results page up so I can see who is actively at that point and see if I need to do any immediate intervention before they continue to the next content level.

 Being able to provide just-in-time direct instruction to students as they go through a unit is a very big deal in a classroom of 30 students. GoFormative provides me with that flexibility."

She also loves how the variety of question types allows her students to demonstrate deep understanding:

"While multiple choice is great, it's nice to have the flexibility to have other response options in GoFormative while I'm checking for deeper understanding."

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