Maria's Story (HS Math)

Maria teaches 9-12th grade Math and creates short answer questions on Formative so students can share what they know before starting a unit and reflect on what they've learned after it's over:

"I am using Formative to interact with the students while they are working on an assignment, or to leave them feedback for the next class period.  In our recent exponent unit, I started and ended the unit with a short answer response on their knowledge of exponent rules.  It was nice for both them and me to see how their answers changed in a few class periods from the activities in between.  Also, asking questions that way, rather than verbally, guarantees an answer from everyone."

Before the beginning of the unit, this student thought that a number to the power of 0 was equal to the number itself.

After the unit, the student reflected on what they had learned, noting that any number to the power of 0 is equal to 1.

By consistently having her students reflect on their learning, they can not only see how much they've grown, but also set goals to learn more.