Learn, Feedback, Re-learn: An Interview With Tech Integration Coach Lori Hower

Hi everyone! David here! I'm the Formative Community Manager and a former middle school special educator. Recently, I got to have a quick google hangout with Lori Hower, an amazing tech integration coach who shared Formative at her high school. She told me that while her teachers were initially drawn to Formative's efficiency, transforming paper worksheets into digital assessments, when they actually collected live student responses, they realized the true power of our tool:

"they get so many opportunities for reinforcement to solidify their learning"

Lori: I came across Formative and presented to our high school staff in one of the sessions back in February. A few of our teachers embraced it and wanted to give it a try. The way I shared it out to them was I collected examples from different worksheets that our teachers were using and I made it as part of the staff PD...so they were actually doing their own homework on Formative...but then what happened was one of our Science teachers...she discovered that while her students were actually doing the assignment she could watch their responses and send them a message...notify them of what they needed to adjust...she said she was able to cover all the information that she otherwise probably wouldn't have completed and the students wouldn't have gotten so much information so quickly if she hadn't used Formative.

David: It's great to hear that it started out with her using it for efficiency but also it seemed like she to really use it formatively!

Lori: Students popped right in and did the assignment. They completed it without seeing their grades at first. But then, about half way through, she switched the scoring so they could go back to see which ones they missed! So they get so many opportunities for reinforcement to solidify their learning and prepare for their final...these kinds of tools didn't exist a year ago...it just wasn't even possible...so everyone is really excited! She's going to do some additional PD for the upcoming school year for elementary teachers!

David: That's awesome! When I co-taught as a special educator, I wanted something just like this, where I could identify my students needs immediately and give them what they needed while still respecting the pace of the rest of the class. So I agree it's a whole new world. If you had to sum up Formative in three words, what would they be?

Lori: "Three words, that's tough! What comes to mind is learn, feedback, re-learn."

David: I love it!

Lori: As adults, we learn that's the process of life!