From Genotypes to Phenotypes: Go Beyond MC With These 4 Formatives!


Mendel, the father of genetics, was able to identify patterns in peas and predict the traits that individuals inherit. And with the 4 genetics formatives below, you'll be able to spot trends in student learning and help your young scientists over the course of a learning unit! They are especially gene-ial is that they are made for different stages of a learning unit and give students creative ways to demonstrate their understanding.



A. This exit slip by Alyssa Greenwood is a quick way to see if your students understand the difference between the major terms they'll use to describe what they are learning throughout the course of your unit on genetics!

B. Here's a fun formative by Mr. Patrick Irvine that lets student demonstrate what they've learned from Mendel's experiments! The word bank is a great way to support the acquisition of unit vocabulary!

C. This quick quiz from Alysssa Moody is great to give while students are still learning how to complete punnett squares! Check out the helpful steps on the left!

D. As you wrap up a unit on genetics, try this unit assessment from Alyssa Moody. She's on a roll! She gives image-based multiple choice questions which can be auto-graded.  

And now that students have gotten more practice with completing Punnett Squares in the context of Mendel's experiment, she asks them to apply to a new context without the steps given! Here's an alternative Honors version of the same assessment!

Don't forget to grab a copy of each of these 4 ima-gene-tive formatives! Remember that you can edit your copies to make them work for your learning unit and student groups! Got another awesome formative on genetics or another topic? Tell us about it on Twitter or share it in the Science channel on our forum! Bonus points for being the first one to post there!