3 Formative Exit Tickets That Let Students Self-Reflect And Help You Plan!

Can you believe it? Only 1 day left till Thanksgiving! As the leaves drop from trees, this is a great time for self-reflection! So we gathered 3 special exit tickets to help your students reflect on their learning at the end of class. What's special about them is that they let your students quickly communicate their overall learning progress according to a scale and reflect on a deeper level as well. 

1. This first formative is by Sara Taylor and lets students communicate their understanding according to visual scale! The follow up question is written in a student-friendly way and let's you quickly determine what you might need to re-teach or spiral back to:

Grab a copy of Sara's folder of formatives here! It contains this one, "How Many Bars?", as well as plenty of other learning reflection activities!

2. Next up, Veronica Enriquez created a formative that let's students share their level of mastery according to a 4-point scale! What's great about scales like these are that you can also use them for grading rubrics so students can compare your evaluations and their self-reflections easily. It's also got an awesome follow up question that can help you validate the level they picked!

Here's a copy of Veronica's formative! Feel free to modify it for your students! It won't affect her original!

3. This last one comes from our Formative co-founder and former 8th grade Science teacher, Craig Jones! This one is great because Q#2 let's students practically reflect on what skill or concept they are leaving class with! Q#3 is a great follow up because it allows students to show it!

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.15.16 PM.png

Your formative account already comes with a folder ("Pre-Made Checks for Understanding") containing this formative, "Exit Ticket: Self-Evaluation", along with others!

Formatives like these are awesome because they provide you with the insights you need to have quick follow up conversations with your students and work with them to set personal learning goals. Got a creative learning reflection formative you'd like to share? Submit it here! We can't wait to check it out!