Using Formative and Google Classroom To Encourage Peer Learning!

Hey everyone! 

We recently chatted with 6th Grade lead teacher Christy Harmon about how she uses Formative and Google Classroom to help her students learn from each other. Christy uses Formative to project live responses for students to discuss in class:

"With the names hidden on the questions, the students determine which answers are correct and evaluate each to determine ways to improve as well as points of excellence.  By doing this,  I have seen a noticeable improvement on both the depth of their answers as well as their accuracy."

She then enables students to continue their discussion after class via Google Classroom:

"After they’ve completed the Formative assignment, what students started doing is posting to each other about problems they found more difficult or a concept they were misunderstanding. And, what I was watching happen was students were taking that time to teach each other, saying, 'well I misunderstood that too but then I read carefully on this portion of the question.' They'd then specify what they figured out to help the ones who were having trouble’s really about them taking ownership of that learning and helping the other students."

Christy's students continue to collaborate after class!

Christy's students continue to collaborate after class!

It's awesome to hear that by using both Formative and Google Classroom, teachers can create a more consistent learning environment for students to collaborate!