Gregory's Story (Instructional Technology Coach)

Gregory is an instructional technology coach in New York. He shares how the the visual aspect of Live Results allows students to self-assess and teachers to make quick, informed teaching decisions:

"Students use Formative as a way to assess their understanding of a concept. They benefit from quickly reflecting with a teacher, and then receive the appropriate support based on the results.

Teachers love how Formative has created such a user-friendly experience. Teachers can easily import PDFs and select video, which makes this educational tool such a quick transition. With Live Results, teachers can see if individuals, a group, or the whole class is having trouble at a particular juncture of their assignment. Teachers can work privately with some students as the rest of the class continues the assignment. 

As an instructional technology coach, I see how teachers and students can quickly see progress in a graphically pleasing way. The use of grids and colors really helps to do immediate assessment and reflection, so that students have more time reflecting and practicing what they learned. 

Ultimately, Formative has created an engaging and effective learning experience."