Mark's Story (Elem Math and Science)

Learn why Mark thinks Formative is the perfect assessment tool:

"In my 3rd grade, 1:1 classroom, has allowed me to do several new and amazing things. 

In the picture shown, students were asked to design their own classroom. In a “show your work” question, I drew a blueprint of our classroom; I then provided a list of things the students should consider while they designed. The students then took to their laptops, designing our room, drawing tables, bean bags, music centers, etc. While they designed, the students were able to see what everyone else was creating on our main screen, using the Live View option on Formative. It was a phenomenal way to instantly see how I could tweak the room to make them more comfortable and at home.

Prior to using Formative, my students had no way of doing several math problems, including drawing shapes, making fractions, or simply showing their work. Now I am able to embed “show your work” problems right into the test. I am also able to create the test much quicker by simply downloading a PDF and inserting the questions right into the document.

I don’t only use Formative for math. During a science lesson, in which students were designing their own experiment, the “show your work” question came in handy again. Students worked on their laptops designing their experiments in Formative. As they did, I had the students’ live results up on our main screen. This allowed me to monitor every group at once, ensuring they were on the right track. This also allowed students to see how other groups were approaching this task. While they worked, I could zoom in on those students that were using a unique and creative approach and was able to point them out to the whole group. The results were phenomenal and lead us to complete the rest of the experiment using Formative. I loved how all groups were able to watch the live results and compare their data to what other groups had collected. It made the science that much more real, engaging, and collaborative.

Formative is the perfect online assessment tool. It is an easy to use tool for teachers which allows them the ability to embed questions right into a PDF document. Teachers can also receive instant feedback in several ways, and most importantly, Formative allows teachers to tap into student thinking in a unique way."

- Mark Schlaudt (@Mschlaudt)