Joe's Story (MS Science)

8th Grade Science Teacher Joe Marquez shares why he uses Formative with his students:

"Do you guys remember the Footrace Lab? was worthless to me and it was probably worthless to you as well because I didn't hand that back to you until after 2 weeks or 3 weeks after it was done so any feedback I left on that paper is long gone on your care scale....because it was so long ago it doesn't matter. 

That's why I switched over to using Formative. I can instantly see what you're needing to improve on and let you improve on that on the care meter now it's higher, now it's instant, now you can change it.Then I can respond again and say 'thats good but let me show you in the comments how you can make it great'. I don't care if it takes you 2 3, 4, 5 tries, you are going to eventually get it great"