Vince's Story (MS American History)

Vince's Story (8th Grade American History Teacher)

Vince has taught in Charlotte, North Carolina for the past three years and is passionate about creating flexible ways for students to represent their thinking. Since we launched Formative in January, he has harnessed our diversity of question types on a daily basis to gain a deeper understanding of what his students have learned throughout a class period and act in the moment.


Vince on using Formative to flexibly assess student understanding to inform his instruction:

"They see the term and “burst” on the slide and they then make a “kid friendly definition” and use the draw feature to add a visual aspect to their definition. Again I can use the live results feature to peek in on their progress before we pair/share."


Students create their own definitions for "smuggling" using a "show your work" question type. With both a definition and matching drawing, Vince has two sources to assess student comprehension!