Kasey's Story (Elem Math and Science)

5th grade Math and Science teacher Kasey shares why formative assessment is essential for student achievement and how Formative enables her to group her students so every learner gets what they need:

"Formative assessment plays such a huge role in my classroom. Not only for me to know exactly where each of my learners are, but for my learners to have immediate feedback. After a lesson, I want a quick and easy way to capture each learner's understanding of that day's objective.

Using the digital tool Formative is the perfect way to do this. I have a quick formative assessment prepared and shared with my learners through the website. The learners are asked to take the assessment before they begin their learning experiences for the day.

In these photos my class was working on the relationship between fractions and decimals. When all the formative assessments were posted, I took a quick look and could see which of my learners needed more from me. From this data I was able to pull objective specific small groups and work with my learners on a more individual level. We absolutely love using Formative!"