David's Story (MS Special Education)

My Story: ( David, Formative Community Manager)

Over my 4 years as a special educator teaching in an integrated co-teaching classroom, I wished almost every day that I could cut down on the amount of time that I spent walking around the classroom trying to identify individual strategies and misconceptions. I wished that I didn't have to choose between a utilitarian approach to intervention and trying to give each student specifically what they needed.

I saw a need for a tool that allowed educators to take both a bird's eye view of student learning to spot trends and hone in to support individual students without interrupting their thinking. With that tool, I could maximize learning in a 45 minute block. I could actually attempt to serve each of my student's individual and changing needs.

Now I am the Community Manager of Formative, an ed tech startup which make this possible. With our free site, teachers can create assignments, monitor student responses from any internet connected device, and intervene on a whole class and individual level. That being said, our site is only as powerful as a teacher willing to put in the work necessary to change the learning trajectory of a student.

Your Story:

Our teachers, trainers, specialists, ambassadors, and administrators have been nothing short of inspirational. From early mornings to late nights, they have collaborated with us to create and improve upon the tools that we offer the world.

We are going to show our appreciation by creating spotlights for our superstar educators! Be on the look out for posts that highlight what makes our educators extraordinary smile emoticon