Rachel's Story (MS Math)

Looking for reasons to use Formative? 7th grade Math teacher Rachel has 3 that impact student learning in major ways!

"I use Formative daily in my classroom...

Rachel Sabatini  7th grade Math teacher

Rachel Sabatini

7th grade Math teacher

1. First and foremost, it's paperless. At my school, we are 1-1 technology and going paperless is the goal of everyone! Formative has allowed me to go completely Post-It less!

2. Secondly, I use Formative daily to assess student knowledge. This allows me to collect data immediately and provide instant feedback. I have a handful of students who will immediately ask me, "How'd I do?". This is huge! They are taking ownership of their learning and if they don't do so well, they will always ask, "What can I do better next time?".

3. Thirdly, I use Formative to assess my students weekly on weekly quizzes. Everyone Monday, students are eager to see their grade and find out if they have to retake their quiz. I have a no fail policy in my classroom. Anything less than a 70%, they are required to retake it. GoFormative allows me to quickly grade and communicate learning to students. When I provide feedback on student answers, they are able to receive timely feedback and correct their mistake for next time."