Tammy's Story (MS Math)

"Math conversations in the sixth grade classrooms became more detailed and collaborative as students were able to “show and tell” their mathematical thinking." 

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Kim's Story (Elem Special Education)

"I decided to use Formative with my reading groups, because I was noticing that some of my students weren't completing their independent activities that were being assigned to them."

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Dina's Story (Elem Math)

Dina O'Brien, a K-2 Math Specialist uses our Live Results page to identify her students' strategies and written feedback tool to ask thought-provoking questions and give specific praise:

"I taught a lesson to a 4th grader on using visual representation and words to better understand multiplication...as the student worked through a problem I commented on his strategy he was using to get his visualization into a picture on the screen. When he used a word like "group" I immediately praised him for using a vocabulary word. I prompted him when writing an equation to think about number of groups x number in each group. He enjoyed getting the instant feedback and said when he saw my comment 'your array is right on target' he knew to keep going."

Rachel's Story (MS Math)

 They are taking ownership of their learning and if they don't do so well, they will always ask, "What can I do better next time?".

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Vera and Kathryn's Story (HS French)

"One of my main objectives is working our way up the SAMR model so that technology allows us to redefine education, rather than just substitute and augment our lessons."

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