Why Formative is awesome

Formative teaching is quickly identifying what every student knows AND intervening so they can learn more. It's essential to learning and yet extremely difficult to do. That's why we created Formative. We give teachers the tools they need to tap into student thinking (beyond multiple choice) and intervene before it's too late.

Why you are awesome + how we can support you

You can ensure that teachers not only use Formative, but use it for formative teaching. We think that's pretty awesome :) So, we've got your back with an equally awesome PD pack that draws from what we've learned:

1. teachers start to realize the power of Formative as soon as they see their own live responses and receive instant feedback (“a-ha moment”).

2. they become passionate about Formative when they actually gather and act on their own students’ live responses (this feels like discovering new superpowers). 


Awesome PD Pack (for sharing goformative.com)

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