Formative Educator Exclusive: Top New Features & What's Next

Top 3 Features We've Added Over The Past Few Weeks


1) Multiple Selection question type 

2) New dashboard (since classes are in columns, now you can easily see who you've assigned to)

Updated dashboard.gif

3) Select standard sets for tagging questions and tracking student growth (we are adding all the standard sets from

Set Standards Preference.gif

Honorable Mentions

-Snazzy styling for the Live Results page

-We've re-implemented the icon showing that you've given feedback to a student

-When you visit the View Responses page, it defaults to showing you responses to Q#1 ! Nothing like seeing actual responses appear live from the get-go!

-You can hand out an external link to both guests and students who are part of your class so they can get direct access to a formative! We still need to make this work for students who are part of you class, but aren't logged in!

What's Next

Over the next few days, we are working on...

  • adding the student growth tracker! We actually have a beta version of it! Message us to try it out!
  • color coding the student progress bar after you've returned scores so students can see their performance on a formative at a glance

A little further down the line, we are going to work on...

  • sort responses by recency/name/score
  • bring back question details to Live Results page
  • assign a formative without leaving the dashboard
  • Post to Google Classroom (already available for those who used "Import from Google Classroom" button to create classes)
  • Choose your school from your profile