Manage Formatives

  • Filter by assigned or Unassigned

  • Sort Alphabetically

  • Make a Folder

  • Share A copy

  • duplicate 

  • Delete 


Filter By Assigned Or Unassigned

Filter formatives by ones that are currently assigned or not unassigned


Sort Alphabetically

Sort formatives in alphabetical, descending order


Create a Folder

Make a folder and create assignments for it!


Share A copy 

1. Select a formative and click on the share icon

2. Give the share code out

3. Recipient(s) can enter the share code in the "Quick Code" input field in the top right of their teacher account(s). Once they confirm they want the formative, they will be taken to the "edit" page of it!

*Recipients can change and delete their copy without affecting your original! They will not have any pre-existing responses on their copy!



Duplicate formatives. The duplicates will be titled "................Clone"

Clones don't have any pre-existing responses! Great for making modifications and retakes!



Quick and easy! Be careful though, all deletions are permanent!