Get Started...

A. Create A Free Teacher Account

B. login

  • Forgot Your Password?


c. Classes and Student Setup

  • Import From Google Classroom

  • Create A class

  • Create Student Accounts

  • Instruct Students To Create Accounts

Create A Free Teacher Account

1. Go to

2. Click "Sign Up For Free" and select "Teacher"

3. Sign Up with Google, Clever, or manually create an account

*If you accidentally create a student account (or vice versa), go to your Profile to delete your account



1. Go to

2. Click "Log in"

3. Log in with Google, Clever, or manually create an account



Forgot your password?

1. Got to

2. Click on "Forgot Your Password?" and enter email

4. Check your inbox, click on link, and reset password


Classes And Student Setup

Import from Google Classroom

1. Go to your Classes page

2. Click on "Import from Google Classroom"

3. Authenticate with your Google account login


Create a Class

1. Click on "+ New Class"

2. Enter a Class Name,

3. Enter a Two Letter Abbreviation

4. Pick a Class Color




Create student Accounts

Only Teachers can create student accounts with usernames.  

1. Click on "+ Add Students" next to the Class name

2. Enter the student's First and Last Names

3. Enter a desired Username (If the username is already taken, try another)

4. Enter the student's Password for the account


Instruct Students To create Accounts

For students with emails, they can create their accounts themselves or use a single sign-on system (Google, Clever)

1. Direct them to

2. Have them sign up for a Student account with their preferred login method

3. Give them the Class Code to join your Class