Formative Certified Educator Program

We believe that in order to use Formative most effectively, you need to actively learn from other inspiring educators. So we've created a community center where you can collaborate with other Formative users to share resources and ideas. You can join it here!


In our community center, you can earn achievement badges centered on learning and collaboration. If you earn all Level 1 and Level 2 badges, you can apply to become a Formative Certified Educator. As a Formative Certified Educator, you will join other people who are passionate about working together to unlock the potential of our platform and of technology in the classroom.

You will receive the opportunity to:

  • Help design amazing new Formative features

  • Get sneak peeks of new features

  • Vote on features that you want

  • Share ideas and resources with other excellent teachers in new, exciting ways

  • Surprises!



Our First Cohort

The amazing educators below were inducted in our first cohort!


Lisa Scumpieru

Lisa is a High School ELA teacher. She's played a huge part in the creation of our community center and certification program. She's super knowledgeable about scaffolding learning activities and makes beautiful formatives!


Joe Marquez

Joe is a middle school Science teacher and tech coach. He's passionate about combining different tech tools in learning activities to meet student needs (A.K.A appsmashing). He's also been one of our greatest presenters and actively shares Formative at a variety of educational events!


Kelly Allgood

Kelly is a Humanities, English, RE, and History teacher. She is a leader in encouraging collaboration within our community and is always up for sharing new ideas. She also dives head first into new challenges.


Dean Vendramin

Dean is an HS math and science leader. He's a very thoughtful formative assessment practitioner! He is constantly looking to improve as an educator and shares his learnings with the community on a regular basis!


Pebble Johnson

Pebble is an Earth Systems and Astronomy teacher. She has been one of the most active members of our community and has shared some really awesome ideas for using Formative for science. Recently, she's been experimenting with our drawing tools so that she can give her students new ways to express their thinking.


Eric Bryan

Eric is an HS instruction coach and Advanced English II teacher. Since joining the community, he's collaborated with so many different educators. You can really tell that he is passionate about finding new ways to apply Formative in the classroom and sharing those ideas with others!


Ashly Winkle

Ashly is a HSE Literacy and ABE Instructor, PD Trainer, Tech Integration Coach, and soon to be the Distance Learning Director! She was one of the original pioneers of our community and ever since Day 1, she's actively collaborated with educators working in a variety of subject areas. She loves finding new tech tools and has been helping lead idea sharing for innovative tech integration!


Anthony Peters

Ant is an English educator, keen conference speaker, and distinguished iTeacher! For years, Ant has been a leader in spreading meaningful tech integration in South Africa. And since he has joined us in the Community Center, he's found immense value in being able to collaborate with our global community of educators!


Andrew Maclean

Andrew is an educator with more than 10 years experience working with students in both traditional and alternative learning environments. In the community center, he's provided educators with great feedback on their formatives! He's also interested in helping innovate what collaboration looks like in the community! 


Natalie Dyer

Natalie is an 9th grade Physical Science teacher! Since she began teaching, Formative has been an important part of her tech toolkit and she wants to help other teachers find powerful ways to use Formative too! She's also interested in using gamification and achievement badges in the classroom!


Jodi Moskowitz

Jodi is an instructional coach who leads professional learning within her school, district, and at conferences. She shows other educators how Formative can be used to give students timely information and track progress towards learning standards. Since joining the community center, she has sought and shared ideas for a variety of subject areas!


Dawn Frier

Dawn teaches math and science in Waterloo, Canada! She actively strives to make learning activities engaging for students and is always on the look out for new tech tools to do so! She is a big fan of using digital Breakouts and academic scavenger hunts to get students moving around the classroom!


Michael Lutz

Michael Lutz is a secondary school teacher in Switzerland. Michael is a true learner and collaborator. Since joining the community center, he's shared innovative formatives, helped others with using Formative features, and participated in numerous group sessions in different settings (ex: live Google Hangout, asynchronous viewing and follow up). 


Taniya Bland

Taniya Bland is a middle school ELA teacher! She is one of two teachers at her grade level and she's found immense value and inspiration in being able to collaborate with other educators in the community. Within it, she's shared a series of "Meet the Author" formatives that others have found to deepen learning insights!


David Platt

David is a German, CS, and EL teacher! He's been a Formative champion since our early days and we are so proud that he has now joined us as a Formative Certified Educator! In the community center, he's always got great tech recommendations to meet specific learning needs and recently hosted a virtual learning session about how he uses Formative to teach coding!