Host: Dean Vendramin


Feeling Formative is an epic podcast series hosted by Formative Certified Educator, Dean Vendramin! In it, he chats with other educators about their favorite teaching practices and the awesome ways they are using Formative ( in the classroom. He also speaks with Formative Team members to learn about the past, present, and future of Formative! You can listen to each episode below!


In this pilot episode, Dean chats with David Kwan (Formative Head of Community Engagement). David shares why he loves Formative, some great ways to get involved in the Formative community, and his favorite Formative features! Enjoy!


In episode 2, Dean sits down with HS ELA teacher Kate Baker. Kate shares how she flips her classroom and builds a culture of learning where students are empowered. She also shares her favorite ways to use Formative to support her teaching practices and to facilitate professional learning as well.


In the third episode of Feeling Formative, MS math teacher Cara Senger stops by to chat with Dean about how she uses Formative data to differentiate learning, support her students within a station-rotation model, and track their progress on standards. She also shares how relationship building is at the heart of her teaching.


In episode 4, Dean invites Luis Oliveira (ELL & Spanish teacher / Director of Unified Arts) to the show. Luis shares how he uses learning reflection to engage his ELL students in formative assessment and student choice to make learning meaningful. He also talks about how he uses #formativetech and his favorite education trends.


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In this episode of Feeling Formative, Dean speaks with Formative co-founder Kevin Mcfarland about the history of Formative. Kevin shares how both research and teacher feedback informed the evolution of our platform. He also shares what’s possibly in store for the future!

Episode 6 of Feeling Formative features middle school math teacher and Formative rock star, Jesse Slick! Jesse discusses with Dean how he is using Formative to pursue his passion of changing lives through education. They also talk about thinking beyond the grade and future success for students.


In this episode, Dean re-connects with fellow Formative Certified Educator, Lisa Scumpieru! Lisa shares her thoughts and examples of formative assessment vs. summative assessment and engagement! Lisa also talks about using Formative for scaffolding!