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Peter Richey  (@MrPRichey)   Middle School Math Teacher

Peter Richey (@MrPRichey)

Middle School Math Teacher

Ed Hitchcock

Secondary Science Teacher

Chad Ledune (@Mr_LeDune)

8th Grade Science Teacher/Tech Integration Coach

Shai McGowan (@slm12)

Math Teacher/Adv. Algebra 2/Strategies of Algebra 1

Alexander Fishman (@djsardine)

Technology Teacher/Tech Integration K-6

Denise Schwab (@Dds13Schwab)

Reading Specialist

Rebekah Foringer

6th Grade Technology Education

Jomae Sica

Biology & Chemistry Teacher/STEM TOSA

Angela Breneman (@teachlove4SpEd)

K-4 Special Education Teacher/Tech Team Member

Megan Eberle

6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Glenn Blakney (@gblakney)

7/8 Grade Math Teacher/Interdisciplinary Team Leader

Rachelle Dene Poth (@Rdene915)

French/Spanish Teacher

Sonja Rode (@sonja08)

Teacher of High School ESL, German and Reading

Angela Gonzales (@missgdoes5th)

5th Grade Teacher

Darlene Wagner

Learning Design Coach

Trapper Hallam (@trapper_hallam)

High School Math and Science Teacher

Daniel Woleslagle (

6th grade educator

ion Pasere (@ipasere)

8th grade English teacher

Ali Mackenzie (@miss_mack512)

2nd grade teacher

Stephanie Hegge (@sjhegge,

s8th grade English Teacher

Dean Deaver (@deandeaver)

4th Grade Teacher/Adjunct Professor

Steve Durant (@mrdurant)

Math Teacher/Algebra/H Precalc/Personal Finance

Keven Rinaman (@kevenrinaman)

Director of Technology

Tim Breuer

8th Grade American History

Joe Marquez (@JoeMarquez70)

8th Grade Science/Educational Technology Coach

Brittany Hamm

Technology Advocate

Joey Hill (@hillonianlogic)

Teacher of English and French

Vince Corrado

8th Grade American History Teacher

David Platt (@herrplatt)

9-12 World Language Teacher and Technology Coach

Maria Sellers (@felternm)

Corporation eLearning Specialist

Rita Ayers

i21Zone Specialist

jennifer Eirinberg (@misseirinberg)

Instructional Technology Coach

Chad Ackerson (chad_ackerson)

6th Grade Science Teacher/School Tech Nerd

Sarah Gamradt

Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Tony Phillips

Technology Advocate

May Voltz (@MayV1)

Math Teacher 4/5

Juana Martinez

Spanish Language Art And Spanish as a Second Language Teacher

Joel Mitchell

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Judith Jackson

6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Laura Arias (

Middle School Learning Support Specialist

Dee Medrano (@dxmedrano)

4th Grade Reading/Writing Teacher

Dr. Monique Prince (@DMS_8PS)

8th Grade Physical Science Teacher

Kathyrn Oakland (@kathryn_oakland)

6th/7th Grade English Teacher

Saemina Park

Teacher/Technology Coordinator

Chris Brocci

Grade 8 Science Teacher

Kim Hartman

6-12 Instructional Coach

Sean Kendall (@KFonline08)

5th Grade Mathematics

Lisa Butler (@lisa_butler)

6th Grade Social Studies

Francois Jourde

K-12 Philosophy Teacher

James Bailey

Algebra 1 & 2/A.P Stats/ Blended Learning Specialist

Sara Taylor (@SaraTier1)

Tier 1 Instruction Specialist

Derek Hinkle (@derekhinkle)

K-5 Instructional/Tech Coach

Peter Alewine

High School Chemistry and Physical Science Teacher

Crystal Kirch (@crystalkirch)

Digital Learning Coach

Scott Powell 

5th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Eddie Carrillo (@MrCMossdale32)

8th Grade Math Teacher

Tom Driscoll (@Mr_Driscoll)

Director of Educational Technology

Andy Baumann (@AndyBaumnn)

Middle School Spanish Teacher

Jillian Mansfield

3rd Grade ELA Teacher

Alyssa Greenwood (@greenwood622)

7th and 8th grade science teacher

Tavis Braggs   Social Studies &amp; Technology

Tavis Braggs

Social Studies & Technology

Robert Talbert (@RobertTalbert)

Associate professor of mathematics

Debbie Spencer (@burtnickspencer)

8th Grade Math


What is the Formative Educator badge and why is it awesome?

It’s a digital badge that recognizes the recipient as an educator who has used Formative to immediately act on student responses and help students grow. It signifies that you are an advocate for formative assessment and assessment for learning!

Pictured: middle school teacher Sarah Gamradt sporting her formative educator badge

Pictured: middle school teacher Sarah Gamradt sporting her formative educator badge


Using Formative for the first time? Click here for more info about Formative and the badge!