build A Formative...

A. Set It Up

  • Tag Formative type

B. Add Questions

  • multiple Choice

  • True or False

  • Short Answer

  • Show Your Work


C. Add Content

  • Image

  • video

  • Textblock

  • View-Only canvas

  • Embed


D. Upload & Transform

  • Add Questions

  • Move Questions

  • Duplicate Uploaded Docs




e. Question Details

  • Help Text

  • Point Value

  • Standard Tags


f. Tweak It

  • Copy

  • Delete

  • Re-Order Questions

  • Preview Formative


Set it Up

1. Click on "New Formative"

2. Add a title

3. You can add a header image too!



Tag Formative Type

Tag the type of formative you are creating for easy organization! Don't see the type you are looking for? Choose "other" and chat with us to request additional options!

*Assignment type does not affect the options you have for creating a formative!

1. Click on "+" icon and choose from the top row!


Multiple Choice

Type a question, edit the choices, and specify the correct answer!

  • Currently, you can specify one correct answer. We want to give you the ability to specify multiple correct answers in the near future

true Or False

Type a statement and specify whether it's true or false!


Short Answer

Type a question or prompt. Your students will be able to type their response!

  • You can set correct answer(s) for auto-grading. Currently, student responses must match your correct answers(s) exactly, but we are want to add a "keyword" feature soon! 



Show Your Work

Let's add a question your students can draw on top of! 

  • Adding a background image is optional! Students can also upload images as part of their response!

Add Content

1. Click on "+" icon and choose from the bottom row!



Upload a picture your students can view!


Text Block

Type something for your students to read!


View-only Canvas

Draw something for your students to reference!



Embed something from another site! One of our favorite examples of this is embedding an audio recording from Speakpipe! Great for multi-sensory learning!


Upload & Transform

Add questions

Upload pre-existing documents (ex: PDFs,Word Doc, images) and then click to add questions!


move Questions Markers

Click and drag to move question markers on the document. The students will still respond in the same position on the right.


Duplicate Upload & Transformed Doc

Click on the duplicate icon! An identical document will appear directly below the original with the same types of questions in the same positions on the doc.

Question Details

Help Text

Type something extra for your students! Maybe a reminder or words of encouragement!


Point Value

Change the point value for any question you create!


Tag question to standards

Tag your question to Common Core standards for student growth tracking! Tracker coming soon!

Tweak It!

Duplicate Questions

Sometimes it's faster to duplicate a question and then tweak it! Go for it!


Change Question Type

Started to create a question, but realized you want to change the question type? Switch it with the drop down menu!



One click and...poof!



Want to switch up the order? Click and drag the question or piece of content!



Preview what your formative will look like for your students!