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Type a question, edit the choices, and specify the correct answer!

  • Currently, you can specify one correct answer. We want to give you the ability to specify multiple correct answers in the near future

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Type a statement and specify whether it's true or false!

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Type a question or prompt. Your students will be able to type their response!

  • You can set correct answer(s) for auto-grading. Currently, student responses must match your correct answers(s) exactly, but we are want to add a "keyword" feature soon! 


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Let's add a question your students can draw on top of! 

  • Adding a background image is optional! Students can also upload images as part of their response!

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Upload a picture your students can view!

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Type something for your students to read!

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Upload pre-existing documents (ex: PDFs,Word Doc, images). If the file is too large, you can upload the first part and then upload the next part.

Then, add questions on top of the document(s)

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